May 14

Cheer Up Review

Cheer UpTL;DR: Cheer Up grants a solid boost with desirable effects far outweighing the neutral and almost non-existent negative. At its more than reasonable price, those looking to “Cheer Up” on a more frequent basis almost can’t go wrong with this stellar and extremely affordable supplement.

Cheer Up is sold and labeled as a dietary supplement with claims to boost “Mental Alertness, Mood Stability, Focus, [and] Stress Reduction.” While stress reduction in particular doesn’t seem to fit the typical energy boost product label, Cheer Up claims to be “much more than energy,” omitting the “B3 (Niacin) and [using] other ingredients to help with focus, mood and stress.” We received our sample of Cheer Up from Super Fun Cave, where it’s currently available for purchase.

Cheer Up does contain caffeine as part of their energy boosting regiment. The official website riddles out any mystery as to the amount, stating “a single Cheer Up pill contains about as much caffeine as a 16 oz. bottle of soda and less than half the amount of caffeine in a small cup of premium coffee.” To be safe we’ll say the suggested serving of two capsules contains less than 200mg of caffeine, a concentration known to be found in a cup of coffee (note this is merely a conjecture based on claim, not on fact).

Cheer Up is most certainly more effective and pleasant than any energy drink on the market. The site also claims “combination of ingredients that come from food sources such as whole wheat, almonds, kale, flax, and bananas, as well as some that are produced in the human body.” This statement alerted me in the sense that no warning labels were placed for those who may be allergic to any of the derived ingredients, so be sure to keep this in mind.

It was an early afternoon when, prior to taking Cheer Up, an overwhelming feeling of drowsiness plagued my mind. About half an hour post-ingestion, notable waves of energy brushed away those cobwebs and the drowsy notion faded away in favor of an insatiable desire for movement and accomplishment. I was ready to take on tasks I simply brushed off earlier with some vigor. This feeling coasted comfortably along with a sense of well-being. I couldn’t help but notice a slight but benign increase in heart rate around this point—nothing you wouldn’t expect from any type of minor stimulant and by no means alarming. Positive effects were maintained through the next few hours with a minimal to almost zero “tweak factor” brought upon by a good deal of stimulants, including moderate to large amounts of caffeine. After about 5-6 hours I could feel the effects waning. Residuals lasted about an hour, and a nice dinner masked any unpleasant after effects that someone used to substances such as caffeine may experience.

-Extremely affordable, practical for more consistent use contrary to other supplements
-Clean, thorough boost in energy
-Follows through with all package claims, and with unexpectedly flying colors

-No significant complaints. If you typically refrain from stimulants such as caffeine you may want to do the same with “Cheer Up.” That said, an all-around solid product!

-Suggested Use – Take 2 Capsules

-Review by R.G.

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